Stepford Children: Retouching your child’s flaws away


Say ‘Cheese!’ And Now Say ‘Airbrush!

More photo studios are offering to retouch your child’s flaws away. But is digital perfection good for a kid’s self-image? Newsweek has the whole article on retouching your child’s flaws away. What is it saying to our children?Here’s a quote:”It surprises me so much when a mom comes in and asks for retouching on a second-grader,” says Danielle Stephens, a production manager for Prestige Portraits, which has studios in nearly every state and starts its service at $6. “I have a 12-year-old, and I’d be afraid that if I asked for retouching she’d think she wasn’t good enough.”

“People want their kids to look perfect rather than teach them to appreciate their flaws.”

Want to weigh in on the issue? Are these “flaws” really just things that make us human? We are not supposed to look like a 2 dementional magazine cover, are we?


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