Magazine Retouching

Only Perfection Allowed: Even for Celebrities

Every time I do my lesson plan on revealing media secrets in my Sassy Sisterhood Girls Group, the girls go crazy. On the one hand, it gets them talking. They start to realize that they are not the only ones who have been feeling bad while looking through magazines or watching television programs with tiny actresses. On the other hand, it reveals the “behind the scenes” truths of what it takes for someone to look like they do on the cover of a magazine. Liposuction. Injections. Boob jobs. Retouching. Have some back fat?  That’s not OK!  We’ll simply have to thin you out and take out any sign of aging in order to put you on the cover of a magazine! It happens to all of the celebrities…including Faith Hill.

Here and here are some examples:



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  1. […] might say “Embrace your curves” but the retouched photos of ultra thin models tell a different story. Suffice to say, some advertisers have their hands in […]

  2. […] we want to send to our youth—spooned to mouth by Hollywood starlets, He-man Gladiators, and appearance-driven magazines? To be thin, muscular and unhealthy rather than risk being called “overweight” or worse […]

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