Bashing our Bodies…Just part of being a girl?

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Dr. Robyn Silverman

I’ve been talking to a bunch of girls lately about how girls talk badly about their bodies…all…the…time.  Why?

Here are some of the answers I’ve received:

“They think you’re all high and mighty if you don’t”

“Nobody’s happy with their body because we don’t look like the celebrities.”

“It’s just what girls do.”

“My friends and me talk about it all the time.  If we didn’t, I don’t what we’d talk about!

What do you think? Is talking smack about our bodies something we do to get positive feedback from others? Do we do it to connect with other girls or women? Does everyone just hate their physiques?

Tell the truth. Do we need to criticize ourselves just because we’re…girls?

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One Response

  1. This all just really bums me out. For YEARS I have tried to mentally train myself to be happy with what I’ve got. So why do I constantly have to have mini anxiety attacks before I go out into a night club or hang out with a large group of friends? Before going to a club or bar I feel this pressure to be desired by not only my boyfriend (who of course tells me over and over again that I’m beautiful) but by other random strange people that I will never see again.

    My usual objective to going out is to just have fun, let loose, dance, and have a healthy dose of social interaction. More and more I find myself having a terrible time because all the women around me gratuitously show off their breasts or legs. Rarely do I ever see these women smile. Also, the conversations I overhear when guys talk about these women or as one guy stated “the one with the large tits”. Sad to say in some sick and strange way, a part of me envies these women in that moment.

    After partying, I am upset and at the point of tears. My boyfriend doesn’t understand why I am upset and I am too ashamed to admit my body image issues along with my disappointment in our societies norms on what is beauty.

    When my BF finally figure out why I am upset, he showers me with reassurance and validation. This generally makes me feel better for the time being….. or until the next time we go to a club. 😦

    In regards to women friends, I find that my two best friends often feel in competition and/or threatened by my good qualities and tend to rub an attribution that I may not have in my face. For instance, my breasts are a small C cup and both my friends are DD and above. In many instances they will find a way to make me feel left out of the “big boobs” club. Although most of the times I can see right through them, it is still a stab at my self-esteem.

    I have never met a man who needed reassurance from his friends when it came to body image. NEVER.

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