Bashing our Bodies…Just part of being a girl?

Woman looking in the mirror

Dr. Robyn Silverman

I’ve been talking to a bunch of girls lately about how girls talk badly about their bodies…all…the…time.  Why?

Here are some of the answers I’ve received:

“They think you’re all high and mighty if you don’t”

“Nobody’s happy with their body because we don’t look like the celebrities.”

“It’s just what girls do.”

“My friends and me talk about it all the time.  If we didn’t, I don’t what we’d talk about!

What do you think? Is talking smack about our bodies something we do to get positive feedback from others? Do we do it to connect with other girls or women? Does everyone just hate their physiques?

Tell the truth. Do we need to criticize ourselves just because we’re…girls?

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