Kim Kardashian Body Image Message: Hypocritical or Genuine?


Kim Kardashian, curvaceous reality star, is featured in Life and Style Magazine this month.  She’s talking about her body (not surprising– everyone else does!) and what she really thinks of her curves.  It’s amazing how controversial these reality stars and celebs can be– even if they seem to be doing something good for women. On the one hand, she’s got some great quotes that relay a “say what you want” attitude and an “I love my body the way it is” message.  Yes, of course we like that! or example, she says;

“I love my body the way it is,” the 28-year-old tells Life & Style magazine. “I’m not perfect. I have cellulite, so what.”

And “If there’s a picture that’s not perfect, where I have cellulite, then people say I’m big. I’m built a certain way, and you just can’t change the way you’re built,” the reality star says of her body. “In Hollywood, people are used to stick-skinny women, and that’s never going to be me.” Again, good stuff.

What’s more, the magazine says that the pictures of Kim Kardashian in her swimsuit have not been retouched and are therefore au natural…for all to see. Again, good.  Reality for the reality star.

On the other hand– and here’s the possible hypocritical part– you tell me… Kim happens to be promoting her new fitness DVD series called…get this… ‘Fit in Your Jeans by Friday.’  If she’s so “OK” with her body and wants others to be as well, why not just get jeans that fit instead of the other way around? Anyone?

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6 Responses

  1. Hypocritical?

    Not really. There’s a difference being comfortable with your body type and still wanting to be healthy. You can be curvy and healthy. That’s the key. Like yourself AND be healthy.

    It’s not good to like yourself and be unhealthy, you’re happier, but it won’t last. The title of her DVD is probably just marketing.


  2. Well, I checked out that article tonight. It’s nice, her lip service and all, but she’s a size 2. YES, a size 2.

    And the average US female is a 12, I believe it is?

    Way to represent, Kim.

  3. I agree with you on the hypocritical issue. It’s a shame, really, when someone purports to have a positive body image yet succumbs to the almighty dollar. Very little humility found in the celeb world, yet we seem to put them on the highest of pedestals…

  4. I agree that she often sends contradictory messages. She seems to embrace and boast about her shape, but then at the end of a post she wrote during all of this, she said, “but I’m not plus size, I’m really a size 2!” All of the empowerment and support now comes crashing down. I wish that people could say, “I’m healthy!” End of subject. When it comes to Kim, I tend not to buy the supportive female camaraderie that she tries to project, because her life seems to have manifested in gossip, fashion and modeling. Come on, Playboy! Perhaps it is more indicative of this culture we’ve created that women apparently need to have a sex tape and spread in Maxim to be complete and validated. I find Kim to still be young and immature. She recently discussed how her sister Khloe had skin cancer in the past; yet, Kim admitted to never wearing sunscreen when she just fried under the Mexico sun. As a feminist, I make a real effort not to ridicule or judge other women. But when it comes to Kim, I wish she would go to college and focus on something besides fashion and celebrity.

  5. Incredibly hypocritical. If Miss Kim was REALLY a spokes person for women of average sizes then why would she so quickly and bluntly re-emphasis the fact that she is a “size 2.. not 2XL” and that she “works hard to stay a size 2” when commenting on not being a spokesperson for a new trendy plus-sized line by Forever 21.

    Some of us simply cannot afford catered meals and a private personal trainer. Some of us also simply fit into a XL because it is what is comfortable and that is how we are naturally built.

    Is Miss Kim being ignorant and perpetuating the stereotype that anyone who wears a Large or bigger is unhealthy or lazy? Seems that way to me…

  6. I just love Kim Kardashian so great article and I will keep coming back for more.

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