Why is being called “plus-sized” so offensive???

Why is being called “plus-sized” so offensive?

So here’s my issue with the whole Meghan McCain “Body Bullying” issue. Yes, “conservative” radio host Laura Ingraham was in the wrong when she mocked Senator McCain’s daughter about her weight. Yes, very high school. As we all know, that’s most women’s hot button. But why is being called “plus-sized” so offensive?

Yes, Meghan McCain is only a size 8. But what if she wasn’t? What is she was *gasp* PLUS-SIZED! I mean, is that really an insult? Perhaps because so many studies equate being plus-sized with being *gasp* FAT and being FAT with being lazy, blameworthy, ugly, stupid, and slovenly?

I find the entire exchange strange. If being “plus-sized” is an insult, then over half of the women in America must be offended every time they shop for plus-sized clothes or look at plus-sized models like the beautiful Emme or Mia Tyler.

I think we all need to get a grip. While Laura Ingraham should have kept her yap closed with regard to this issue, I wish Meghan McCain said “So, what?” to the insult or “Is that all ya got?” Or better yet, “there are many beautiful girls and women in this country who are plus-sized and perhaps it’s time that they are recognized for the talented, unique, amazing women that they are. Instead of insulting them, which perpetuates a myth that plus-sized girls and women are ‘less than,’ perhaps it’s time to take a better look. Open your heart and your mind or shut your yap.”

The fact that we’re arguing that being “plus-sized” is an insult at all is actually a big part of the problem.

That’s what I’ve got to say about that.

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