Body Image: As a mother of a new baby girl…

I just became a new mother through adoption to our newborn daughter, Talia Paige Silverman, who was born on 2/19 at 10:19am, weighing just 5 pounds 6 oz, and measuring 16 inches long.  We couldn’t be happier.

Dr. Robyn Silverman, body image expert, with daughter Talia

Well, this puts things into perspective, doesn’t it?  As someone with a keen eye on media and body image it makes me wonder how I am going to protect her from the nasty media messages out there.  I just hung up with a friend of mine who told me that her 4 1/2 year old recently mentioned that she doesn’t like how she looks naked.  Yes, 4 1/2. I want to know, how long do I get before I need to start fielding such comments myself?

She nestled into my chest as I write this– I have her in a sling so she’s close to me.  She’s warm and happy and getting pleasantly plump on breast milk.  We all like our babies robust and healthy– so where does it all go down hill?  I’ve heard about mothers who limit what they feed their babies for fear of starting them out “fat” and we really do need to stop the madness.Yes, these messages can start that early and that close to home.

Talia Paige Silverman, adopted by Dr. Robyn Silverman

My wish for my daughter is that she is happy with herself– that she’s healthy in body and mind– and she successfully blocks out the millions of messages that tell her that she isn’t good enough the way she is.  Because she is.  She is beautiful in every imaginable way.

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