Why all the hype over Mary Kate Olsen?

Mary Kate Olson Magazine Cover

I know Mary Kate Olsen has been a favorite “thinspiration” model for so many hopeful wannarexics and pro-ana girls but I really don’t get it. Could someone please explain the fascination with this girl and her body? Can one get any thinner?  Or is that the point?

If you want to talk about thinness in America, this girl pops up everywhere. Girls comment on her bones, her style, her slight figure, and how much they want to look and be like her.  Huh?

I think I might die of excitement. Mary-Kate Olsen is on the March 2009 cover of Canadian Fashion magazine-– Mary Kate fansite

Mary kate olsen is my biggerst (or should i say smallest) thinspiration! whenever i feel like giving up and eating, i look at a picture of mary kate and realise that it is possible to look that good! She proofs that it is worth it!!– Pretty thin site

Is this really what girls want to look like?

mary kate olson looking very thin

Lord, help us all. Is this what obesity obsession has done to us?

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  1. I agree to an extent on the reasoning behind the obsessions. I assume half of the obsession behind mary-kate would be the same causes that make people love paris hilton or other socialite stars. They lead lifestyles that these young girls want to lead, and misbelief tells them that in order to achieve those lifestyles they must look like the celebrity that lives them.

  2. We should be aiming for a healthy body image!

  3. Good point, Jake. But how much has that warped our sense of what is beautiful?

  4. Shes more prodominant within these thinspiration because she is relateable, she struggles with an eating disorder and she isnt a model. Although she is beautiful she isn’t a catwalk model and girls can see what they might look like being as thin as she is. Yes i personally suffer with eating disorders and this is what i would want to be like. I’m a normal weight now but i have been slimmer, and the small you get, because you think you’re fat you see even smaller girls as prettier. Like a 400lb person might call someone who is a size 12 skinny when they are a little chubby. Someone who is a size 6/4 and has an eating disorder might see someone who is almost emaciated as beautiful because theyre proportioning is wrong. But generally in this picture you’ve shown is what i would call perfect, and i’m sure alot would agree with me, even those without eating disorders. The thing is as much as there are people like you who this this is absurd, you don’t worry about your body and strutinise every other body around you so you might not have noticed that everyone on television and in magazines is this size or smaller. The divide between those people in mags who show models and people this small and those that go on and on about curvy girls being nicer etc is growing. I don’t feel normal now, i think this new “curvy girls” culture makes me feel even fatter! I mean all this crap about embracing your curves just reminds me that i’m one of those “curvy girls”. Its irritating too because people who dont feel like i do and dont scrutinise everybody and myself and also food, fat and calories dont actually know. Men say they like curves etc but thats not true really, show a guy a picture of a girls ribs and tiny arms and they think its gross but show them a piture from a different angle of the same girl with bigger breasts and they think thats nice. The way the media now talks about these women, the size zeros and below being too thin and the size 8s and above being “curvy” is just horrible because now they are slamming the thinnest girls but also insinuating that the size 8s are fat.

    Anyway my point was.. this thinspiration lark isnt really as horrible as it seems, yes girls like the people on the internet want to look like her but its not really like that, they just want to look pretty and they want to look thin they just have a warped view of whats thin, I find this hard to say because i am like that. But the thing with the olsen twins is more of a relatable issue, and phycologically we are attracted to a more beautiful version of ourselves. Also she has a name.. alot of the other thinspiration is just generic thin girls (there are so many).
    She doesnt look that small either, in real life she must look shocking, but compared to the rest of these glossy pictures we see she looks normal. I think most anorexic and bulimic girls just want to be around a way a size 6 looks but once you get to a size 6 (UK) or around a size 4 (UK) youve lost the plot a bit and don’t understand propotions like i said.

    hope that helps xxx

  5. yea i want to look like her. she is my thinspiration.

  6. ever since i was 5…and thats nearly 11 years ago now – i have always wanted to look like MaryKate Olsen x

  7. It is a common misconception that people with eating disorders strive to be conventionally beautiful. It may not be the same for everyone but often people with eating disorders want to look childlike/fragile/sick… like Mary Kate, what they refer to as ‘beauty’ is not what healthy women strive for or men find attractive. They may feel overwhelmed by responsibilities they have as they grow up or they may have been sexually abused and afraid of looking attractive to men. They feel so depressed or otherwise sick mentally that it disables them and no one knows, no one can see. They want to show they are hurting, for people to see that they are sick and understand why they can’t cope without having to say it… or make the problem into a tangible physical one because it is less frightening and more recognised. That is how it was for me anyway

    • You took the words right out of my mouth, its not that they think this look is “sexy” its more of a coping mechanism.

  8. I don’t see anything wrong with Mary Kate. If you want to lose a few pounds and go on a diet doesn’t cause any wrong. Just because you want to look a certain way doesn’t make you unhealthy. I love Mary Kate and I’d do anything to meet her. She’s a total inspiration to me and my over all goal. <333

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