Wobble: Just One More Way We Objectify Women?

Well, thank you to fellow blogger, Feministing.com, for bringing up this disturbing new feature on I-Phone. I just can’t imagine where girls and women are getting that feeling that they’re being objectified…

your comments here are welcome…”good fun” or gross objectification?

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5 Responses

  1. That the video is objectifying women is much too obvious, but it is no more than just an example of the program’s capabilities. The program itself is not the objectifier, but the end-user. The video is just a poor sampling of its possible uses.

  2. I’m sure glad the world is full of programmers who think this is of some value (i know I know it’s all about the $$$$). Someone got paid for this…and thousands of people will buy it. That’s sad. I agree with JellyBeen…objectification is not even debatable here

  3. […] February 1, 2009 by cooper What’s the phrase?  Something about geting what we deserve?  Thanx to Dr. Robyn for posting this… […]

  4. Perhaps just a person who has wayyyyyyy too much time on his hands?

  5. is there an option for penises on iphone? i believe in equal rights!

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