Why I Love Taylor Swift: A Great Role Model

Taylor Swift now’s She’s a Role Model and is Actually Good at It!

Dr. Robyn Silverman

We’re hard pressed these days to come up with great, normal role models for our daughters.  Parents are continually frustrated by the celebrities out there. Miley Cyrus. Lindsay Lohan. Selma BlairAli Lohan. Yes, some are just being young, carefree and “teenagery” while others are simply careless.

Here’s my opinion, take it or leave it.  If you’re in the public eye, you are a role model.  You might be a great role model or you might stink at it.  Perhaps you’re even an anti role model.  You might hate that you’re a role model– that doesn’t mean that you aren’t one.  When you’re in the public eye, people are not just looking at you, they’re looking up to you– especially children and teens.  It frustrates me when people tell me that just because they’re celebrities doesn’t mean that they’re role models— they are– they just might not be very good at it.

When I heard a rebroadcast of The Ellen Degeneres Show today while at the gym, I was taken by something Taylor Swift said. Aside from her music that steers clear of racist, sizeist, bum-and grind that so much music seems to have today, it was nice to know that she embraces her role in shaping the lives of young people.  Thank goodness she does it with some class:

ELLEN: How do you feel about being 18 years old and knowing that there are young girls out there who you are influencing? Does that give you pressure? Do you think about it?

TAYLOR: I think that when you do that one song or you’re in that one movie, you don;t realize that no matter what, you’re a role model whether you choose to embrace it or you choose to ignore it.  And I just choose to embrace it because I think it’s the biggest honor in the world when a Mom comes up to me and says “my 8 year old daughter listens to your music and I think it’s so great that she looks up to you.”  You know that’s not just a compliment on my music or on a show that I did. That’s a compliment on my character.”

Well said. Sometimes just knowing that you’re a role model and that girls are looking up to you is enough to keep your values in tact and your character at the forefront. Nobody’s looking for perfect– but normal would be nice.

Your thoughts?

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