Dr. Robyn Silverman answers: How do I know if my friend has Diabulimia?

What is Diabulimia and how do I know if I should be concerned?

Dear Dr. Robyn,

My best friend was diagnosed with Diabetes about a year ago. She was always pretty skinny but since she was diagnosed, she started to put on weight. I know this made her kind of freak out a little even though I thought she still looked fine. Recently I noticed that she was losing a lot of weight and she told me that she’s finally “figured out” a way to take her medication and lose weight at the same time. I’ve asked her if what she’s doing is OK and she tells me that it’s no big deal. Is it? How do I know if she really is having a problem?                                                –Jennifer, Cherry Hill, NJ

Do you or does someone you know need help?

Please take a moment to comment below about Diabulimia, talk about your concerns, or tell your stories. We always like to hear your take.

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