Infuriating Advertisement; don’t you think?

Does happiness depend on losing a dress size?  Weigh in.

Does happiness depend on losing a dress size? Weigh in.

Just got back from visiting my Mom in NJ–I found this ad while reading the paper when I was there and had to scan it for all of you.  I had a visceral reaction– ugh.  Lose a dress size– be happy? Don’t just survive your diet– enjoy it? What do you think?  Does happiness really depend on losing a dress size?  Do these advertisers and doctors really have “our numbers” and our “hot buttons?” Please weigh in.


4 Responses

  1. Im sure ultimate happiness does not depend on a females dress size but Im sure a lot of women would love to drop a size.

  2. Hmmm. I have no doubt that you’re correct. Many women do want to drop a dress size– even if it isn’t necessary– but I certainly hope that happiness isn’t dependent upon it!

    Dr. Robyn

  3. But sadly, these marketers know their audience. A lot of women do equate happiness with having a certain look, and that look is thin. I’ve seen far too many women with beautiful , healthy figures obsessing about losing weight…trying to fit into that narrow view of beauty. So unfortunately, many women will respond to this ad.

    You think this is bad, you’ve got to see some of the ads for plastic surgery I’ve come across in the local papers here in the NY Metro area. Marketers make it sound like it’s a natural right of passage for a mature women (or anyone over 30 for that matter) to have some sort of “work” done to retain her happiness, her youth, and her peace of mind. I’ll scan a few the next time I come across them and share. It’s frightening.

  4. Hello Mommy B-

    You know I have to agree with you– we talk about it often enough– and yet, each time I see one of these ads stuffed nonchalantly in the paper, it still gets my goat.

    Today, we might tell girls and women that their own unique beauty is what counts. But in reality, media and advertising underscores that artificial beauty is just so much better.


    Dr. Robyn

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