Rude Slams On Girls Bodies: Dumb Things People Say

Note: My husband wanted me to call this article

“How you Know that You’re Socially Inept…(what do you think?)

Polly, a divorced spinning teacher and Mommy of 2 with long legs, short dark hair, and a long, lean athletic build walked into a bar last night with her friend, Laura.  Polly was dressed to have fun after running into her ex-boyfriend at the beach– she donned short white shorts, high heels, and a T-shirt that said “Rock out with your Cock Out” (featuring a picture of a rooster).

A friend of a friend walked over and instead of the traditional introduction said; “I can tell you’re a lesbian because your body looks so manly.”

Polly, who actually, isn’t a lesbian (although definitely NOT the point of the story), told me this story at the gym today. Which got me thinking– what’s the dumbest/rudest thing someone’s ever said to you about your body?

You can’t make this stuff up! Gosh…with friends like that…


4 Responses

  1. Let’s see…I’ll go with “Are you actually going to try to nurse her with those?”

    p.s. And yes, I did. Quite successfully I might add:

  2. Thanks, Amy–

    Hmmm. I’m stuck.

    Maybe: “Are thighs actually supposed to touch?” (Rachel, in college)

    Dr. Robyn

  3. my sister’s boyfriend wanted to know why i wanted to take martial arts classes. He said it would only build muscle and that would just make me even bigger. Nice huh? Sadly they are still dating.

  4. Hi Angela-

    There’s no accounting for taste, is there?

    As you know, some people get hit in the head a little too much. Other people could stand a light throttle every once in a while. Your sister’s boyfriend sounds like the latter.

    Come back soon-
    Dr. Robyn

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