This One’s For You– Gals! Branding Yogurt for Women

This Youtube, featured on colleague, Kate Harding’s blog, made me laugh so hard I just needed to share it with all of you.

As you know, branding and advertising is a huge part of our culture. We have been made painfully aware of the stereotyping, photo retouching, skinny model using world of press that often make girls and women feel that they must go out immediately and squeeze into a tiny pair of jeans of hack off a leg trying. But there are other types of marketing that can be a little sneakier– that make women feel like we just have to go out and buy diet food after watching daytime TV…

So grab your favorite flavor and get ready to laugh:


One Response

  1. So true…
    However, search around infomania, I found one in this series that, while looked at humorously, really pounds on body image…women’s entertainment? I don’t think so…
    Target Women: We TV

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