Update on Disney Posterity vs Obesity

Kevin Pease wrote a rebutal on Big Fat Blog after the backlash he took for writing a distasteful essay for his University paper. The topic centered around Disney World accommodating the growing waistlines of their patrons.

I would like to start by saying everything I wrote in that article and here today was my doing, and in no way reflects the opinions of the New University. There was a reason that article was put in opinion, and if you do not agree with my views I encourage you to write a response for the paper.

My next point is to reveal my true identity. All of you believe that you have a deep insight into my views about the world based on a single, eight hundred word article. The fact is that I am just a kid who wrote a quick article for a student run paper in order to make twenty dollars so I could go to a bar that weekend. My views are not particularly extreme, I wrote something I thought my peers could enjoy while saying something about the world around me.

I also want to stress that every fact I mentioned in my article is entirely true and backed by scientific study…read more


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