No Diet or botox needed: How Does Photo- Retouching Work?

Media uses photo retouching for many reasons; changing color, lighting, and feel of pictures. Editors can put make-up on, take clothes away, thin out, bulk up, or completely change the model in the photo. Which leads to the questions; is it ever OK to look like yourself? Can real teens every look as good as the ones seen in the pages of the magazines? Are extreme body measures “necessary” to keep up with the likes of the PussyCat Dolls?

Sometimes it makes young girls look older, more mature, and sexualized:

Sometimes it’s used to make people better fit the “thin ideal.”

WARNING: This Video Shows a Woman’s Nude Bottom. For mature audiences only.

Sometimes it’s used to do a little of each.

WEIGH IN: What do you think– has media gone too far or should we always retouch in an attempt to appeal to the majority, adhere to societal standards, and “Look our best?”


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  1. […] we continue to discuss, photo retouching is the norm in a society that values flawlessness.  Even thought they’re muttering “be yourself” out of one side of their mouths, […]

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