Response to Fitting in While Standing Out: 6 Tips to Help Your Child Cope with Feeling Fat

I was very honored that my article, “Fitting in While Standing Out” was featured in the Parents for Ethical Marketing Newsletter this week. Here’s what someone had to say…

According to Third Culture Mamma

Parents for Ethical Marketing newsletter arrived in my in-box yesterday. One article in particular caught my attention –Fitting In While Standing Out: Six Tips to Help your Child Cope with Feeling Fat in a “Thin is In” World’. This is something I think about alot because I was a chubby kid, a chubby tween, and eventually a thin teenager and now an adult who obsesses about her weight. Inevitably I’m trying my hardest not to pass on my weight issues to The Bee and in so doing I’m slowly trying to change my own attitudes toward my weight. However, there is the reality to life that if you child is over-weight, no matter how healthy your own body image is, outside influences are bound to make your child feel like crap. Read more…


2 Responses

  1. Hi! thanks for linking to my blog. I enjoyed the article. It’s such a difficult area for parents – especially those of us that already have an unhealthy body image.

  2. […] another study reveals that we’re messing up our children when it comes to body image even when children are as young as age 4.  Go […]

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