Disney Posterity vs. Obesity: Small World Accommodating Larger People

“By keeping the ride boats slim, they could serve as a harsh reminder that obesity is a problem.” – Kevin Pease

Thank you to BFB’s Paul, for bringing to light this article which pins obesity against Disney.

The story: Disneyland is revamping its famous It’s a Small World ride due the expanding waistlines of many Americans. The boats and flume were designed in 1964 and 1965 when average weights for men and women were different. Specifically, it was designed with the assumptions that male riders would be 175 pounds, and females 135.

According to this fan site “Quite simply, the boats weren’t designed to handle multiple adults weighing more than 200 pounds, and they now routinely bottom out in the shallow flume and get stuck.”

According to one University Of California psychology major,

“America’s collective wide ass has increased food portions and pushed the structural limits of pants. Now these wide posteriors are reshaping a classic ride from my childhood. Disneyland will soon revamp “It’s a Small World” so that its boats can accommodate more plump passengers. This mob of fat people, or “flob,” as I like to call it, has forced the world to change in a way that crosses the line.”


“the obese community wants us all to believe that if someone is obese, we should treat it as a disability. Take blind people. They are given special accommodations whenever possible in order to make their lives easier. Obese men and women want to be treated the same way. This claim is ludicrous, especially when you consider that obesity is a fixable condition. It may not be easy, but if a blind man were told he would no longer be blind if he ate his fruits and vegetables while exercising four times a week, he would do it.”

With this article circulating, I wonder about the sense of it all. Is this a blind rant or does this person actually think that these statements are helpful? It clearly has offended many people and it offers a ridiculous step for action summed up in the first quote of this KMA story. Are we really going to offend people into losing weight? Ostracize them into losing weight? Some people don’t remember that little boys and girls are watching, listening, absorbing, internalizing, and repeating everything we say. On the one hand, this kind of ranting creates hate and on the other, it creates fear. I don’t think Walt would be in favor of either, do you?

Have a nice weekend everyone-


2 Responses

  1. Walt would be appalled -This guy is quite rude and he’s a student in psychology -???? – very strange. Hope he never has a pudgy child. Berating obese people will not solve anyones’s problem.

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