Top 10 Ways to Thank teachers who make us feel good about ourselves


It’s rare to find someone who inspires us to be our very best– who makes us feel good about who we are– no matter what our size or shape. Do you have a mentor, teacher, or coach who does that for you or your daughter? Let’s show them a little gratitude!

(1) Send out a press release: Press releases are simple and free. Write up a letter and send it to the press for all the community to see.

(2) Prepare a meal: The busiest mentors or teachers might not have time to prepare something special for themselves!

(3) Send a note of gratitude: Take time to write something really special. Teachers and coaches appreciate your words of support. Site specific ways that they have helped your children or family. You might think that “everyone” will send a note of appreciation—but many won’t. Be the person who provides a heartfelt thanks to a favorite teacher, coach, or mentor. You can even send a free e-card!

(4) Give a gift certificate to a favorite restaurant: Sometime during the month ask your teacher’s friend about which restaurant is a top-pick or ask the teacher where s/he might suggest you take your spouse to lunch or dinner over the weekend. Then get the gift certificate and surprise the teacher!

(5) Give a gift certificate for a massage, manicure/pedicure, or facial: Many teachers, coaches and mentors don’t take the time to pamper themselves. Give them the gift of relaxation as a real treat!

(6) Personalize t-shirts or coffee mugs: Take a picture of the children or teens that the teacher, mentor or coach have helped or have the children make a special collage and get it transferred onto a shirt or mug for posterity!

(7) Picture it: Take a picture of your daughter and put it into a special picture frame for the special teacher or coach. You can even personalize the picture frame with the teacher’s name, the grade, and the year with a little engraved brass tag or ask an artistic friend to paint it right onto frame.

(8) A tasty surprise: Bring in muffins, a cake, or pizza so that your favorite teachers or mentors can enjoy a special well-deserved treat.

(9) Walk of fame: Borrow or purchase a red carpet, roll of felt, or paint butcher paper red and tape it down in the center hallway. Make gold stars with each teacher’s name on one. Have the school greet the teachers as they enter the school, take pictures (paparazzi) and celebrate!

(10) Have a give-back day: The best way to show gratitude is to give back! Help clean, paint, and wash the windows! Raise money for the mentors/teachers’ favorite charity. Plant a tree or some flowers! Donate some books to the library in their honor! Refill their supply closet! There are many things you can do to give back to the people who’ve helped your family all year long!

We love our teachers, coaches, instructors, and mentors!

Thank you!



4 Responses

  1. I just discovered your blog, I love what you are doing here. You offer great insight and tips for parents as well. I will be sure to frequent your blog regularly.

  2. Dr. Robyn,

    Thanks for a great post! I’d like suggest a gift for a teacher at holiday time that builds on many of your suggestions: a gift certificate for a turkey! Check our website for super convenient way to show gratitude that enables the teacher to purchase something that sure to be appreciated and used.

    Be well. Rick

  3. I wrote a post about Teacher Appreciation Day and this post was automatically generated as a possible link. I am glad because it helped me discover your blog. I will be back!

  4. Hay nice post… i’ll fwd this to my students… so that i can get some thing from them.

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