Moms, Little Girls are Watching! Body Image and Addictions Passed On?

On a recent episode of Intervention, a show on A & E, a mother and daughter were highlighted. While the intervention was initially meant to be focused on the daughter, Caylee, it became clear that the mother, Christy, also needed help. As a young girl, Caylee remembers her mother picking on her and telling her that she was getting chubby. “You shouldn’t eat those french fries.” Christy policed what her daughter ate just as she policed her own food intake– passing on a fear of food and fat along with her bulimia that eventually lead Caylee to choose a life of hard drugs to escape it all.

Check out the clip here.

Christy and Caylee both went to rehab to work on their addictions.

intervention_caylee_small.jpg Here is Caylee’s update:

Notice that she called her relationship with her mother a “competition.” Body image and the quest for thinness have gotten so intense that it’s not just “out there,” it’s in our own homes– our havens. Home needs to be the one place that our girls can count on where competition, judgment, and societal pressure ceases. There is nothing more intense that “mommy pressure.”

Let’s help to keep our girls healthy– mind, body and soul. We may not be able to control the celebrities or the school teaser, but we can control how we act and interact with our girls.



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