Body Conscious or Body Obnoxious? A Controversial Website for Girls


A reader alerted blogger, Kate Harding, to a controversial article on, a website sponsored by Tampax and parent company Procter & Gamble. Many of the body image blogs are talking about it since it’s message is not of positive body image but rather, of questionable tactics aimed to help barely pubescent girls stay thin.

Here are some of the most controversial points:

1. At the moment you grab for something to eat, tell yourself you can have it if you still want it but you have to wait 30 minutes. The craving may pass, you might get distracted, you might become wise enough in that half hour to find a more life affirming way of getting rid of that creepy stress.

2. Write down everything you eat. Icky, we know, but we also know there’s no better substitute (except looking at yourself in the mirror naked), that’s better than tracking what goes into your mouth to get you into the habit of thinking before you eat.

5. Post-It notes are great for reminding you of the right thing to do. Stick them on the bathroom mirror, on the inside of your locker, on your computer. Be creative with your reminder. “How hungry are your really?” “Exactly why are you eating that now?” “What will the scale say tomorrow morning?”

Do we really want our girls obsessing about what the scale will say the next day? Yikes.

Please read the article as well as this point by point take on the topic. What do you think?



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