Mirrorless Bathrooms: The Answer to Poor Body Image?

A recent news story by Carrie Davis came out on March 4th– talking about how USC counselors covered the bathroom mirrors for a day to remind people that it’s what’s on the inside that counts. The counselors posted information about eating disorders and body image on the mirrors to hit the point home.
“For USC Upstate freshman May Hampton walking into the ladies restroom today was a little weird. She says, “I am thinking I wonder how my hair looks.” She was confronted with a mirrorless bathroom. School counselors did it as a way to raise awareness about the devastating effects of eating disorders. The idea behind mirrorless day is not to judge yourself by the image you see in the mirror but to reflect on who you are on the inside.”
Is this the answer for America’s body image problems? Are we too self conscious of a society to have mirrors in our bathrooms? What do you think? Read the whole article.




One Response

  1. Great move..maybe it ought to be instituted starting in the elementary schools…

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