Spring Cleaning on your Body Image


Since February is Love your Body month, it’s time to take inventory on how you’re doing in this department. No, no, not how you’re doing in the weight department– but rather, in the “loving your body” department.

The Curvy Life put out an assessment to put you to the test.

Curvy Angela writes:

The first step in decluttering body image is to uncover the mental and physical clutter we have around our bodies.  The following is a 10-point assessment to reveal areas in your life where you might be holding on to body image clutter:

  1. Do you spend thinking and/or worrying about your body, food, and exercise? How much time?
  2. Do you have nagging, negative feelings around the way you look?

Get the whole test here!
Have a powerful day!

Dr. Robyn


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