The Fat-o-sphere out in full bloom

There’s been a lot of information about the “fat-o-sphere” which has been highlighted in the New York Times and well as as morning shows such as Mark and Juliet. Now it is the topic of the RedEye (Chicago Tribune) today.


Here are some highlights:

“Welcome to the so-called fat-osphere, a growing online niche where bloggers and others tired of counting calories share stories and try to become comfortable in their own skin, instead of obsessing about their weight.”

(While I love that people are coming together to discuss these issues, I believe that calling it the “fatosphere” is only shoving people into a corner again. We don’t want to put people in the back of the bus, we want everyone to feel worthwhile no matter what their size. Is it only one segment of society that feels people of all weights are worthy? Let’s talk about it– not segment it to the “fatosphere.”

“Human beings deserve to be treated with dignity and respect. Fat people are human beings.”

(This is a quote from Kate Harding of Shapely Prose, a body positive blog that I frequent. She’s the fabulous woman featured on the cover of the RedEye, above.)

While we are working hard to help people feel good about themselves and not wrap up their self worth with their weight, we still have a way to go.

“it’s an uphill battle given the national fight against obesity: Just last month, a Mississippi state lawmaker proposed a bill to stop restaurants from serving obese people.”

We all want people to make healthy choices. That is not in question. But can you imagine being scrutinized each time you walk into a restaurant and asked your weight or BMI? Will we need to carry a proof of BMI ID card now as well as a license? Scary.

And how will this affect our young girls? Just one more reason for them to wonder if they’ll be able to fit in…


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