Body Image “Post” Card: What’s your secret?

On my google alerts today, I found something that put a shiver down my spine. It was a card written on the “Post Secret” blog. PostSecret is an ongoing community art project that asks people to mail in their secrets anonymously on one side of a homemade card. Todays card was related to body image. It looks like the “secret” is actually drawn on the underside of a hotdog carton– although I could be mistaken. On the cardboard, there’s a drawing of a thin, naked woman looking forelorn and ashamed. The handwritten “secret” says “I am happier when I am hungry.” My guess is that she just ate something (if my guess about the hotdog container is correct, then perhaps a hotdog on the street) and is feeling ashamed of herself.

I find it particularly striking since you know if she’s thinking this way, so many others are as well.


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